AS Ilves-Extra is a sewing company, specialized on producing sports- and leisure clothing, but also working clothes, etc. In small quantities we produce sports and leisure clothes for clubs and companies. In 2001 we started production of all kinds of headgear, from baseball caps to hats. We have designed and produced working clothes for construction companies and for miners of Estonian Oil-Shale Industry.
AS Ilves-Extra is certified manufacturer of W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc. high quality seam-sealed waterproof and airvantage products.
Lots of attention is paid to product development. Sufficient reserve of materials in our stores keeps the production timelines short: average sample timeline is 2 weeks, average production timeline 4-8 weeks.
Our seamstresses are experienced and with special training. For assuring the quality every product is examined carefully, average defect % is 0,5; including all fabric-, accessories- and production defects.
We are using modern full- and semiautomatic equipment; fabrics and accessories are imported from the EU countries. We have fabric control equipment (Italian origin) and we control the fabric if necessary.
We are using new technologies and are open to everything new in the clothing manufacturing. We are using Brother, Pfaff, Pegasus, Juki sewing machines, Brother and Tajima embroidery machines, Veit finishing equipment, Core and Pfaff seam sealing machines and Gerber spreading equipment. For pattern making, layout and cutting plans, we are using Lectra Systems OY technology - Modaris, Diamino Expert, Optiplan. Cutting is made with Lectra-operated cutting mechanism Vector - 5000 and Vector - 2500.
We are using DAFO-software (by international software company WM-data Novo OY) for planning and managing the production (including product development and pricing).
AS Ilves-Extra follows the quality policy: "Quality means satisfaction for both customer and producer".  To prove it AS Ilves-Extra has been audited and considered to be in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 management system.